Journey from somewhere to somewhere

The path is still uncleared to where to go. But I haven’t stop moving .The Journey to reach somewhere starts from moving from where you are now. Slowly gradually things are at you favor when you start from somewhere with a goal to reach a destination. It may happen that things may not go as per plans but believe me the things which are happening with you is eventually going correct.

Life will take you to the path where don’t wont to go but remember things will work surely when you have a attitude of never give up. I know things are never gonna be easy as it is said .But I feel the goalsĀ  which are hard to chase give us more lesson in our life. You learn from a small things that gives a new turn in your life. Never forget that you a star in yourself. Hhahaha I mean ki “Hum vo sab kuch kar sakte h jo sab krte hai bas hume vo confidence hona chahiye ki kar hi lenge.”

There are 100’s of thought running in your head when you start feeling that you can’t achieve a goal that you have set. We feel that its not gonna work in our favor but listen it will work when you start working on it ,you may receive failure but will eventually lead you in a direction of your goals. There is a saying that,”Har ke jeetne vale ko hi bazigar kehte h” so y can’t we try and win our goals against all our odds.

Always wear a smile though how hard things are .You never know your smile may bring strength in other’s life. You know every goals when we set we start thinking how happy will we be when we achieve that but remember to keep smiling though in the path to achieve the same. Real achievementĀ  is when you start appreciating the thing when nobody else do.

“This is still not the end of the journey to reach somewhere…its just a glimpse ”


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